Frequently Asked Questions.

Below are some of the questions that are frequently asked. If the answer to your question is not here, please feel free to contact us.

Is a Business Appraisal the same as a Business Valuation?

No. In Australia, the key difference between an Appraisal and a Valuation is that an Appraisal is usually prepared by a business broker and is not legally binding, whereas a Valuation is prepared by a Certified Practicing Valuer, for the purposes of Bank Security or Insurance, who could be held liable in a Court of Law.

How does The Merchant Report calculate the current market value of a business?

The Principal and Developer of The Merchant Report, Simon Merchant, has been brokering the sale of businesses across a broad range of industries in Australia for more than 25 years . This database of comparable sales completed throughout various stages of regional economic cycles, has been captured in an algorithm together with current economic data and market intelligence to appraise the current market value of every small and medium enterprise (SME) across Australia.

How does The Merchant Report determine the marketability of a business?

A business’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), both financial and operational, can determine whether a buyer’'s Accountant or Banker will endorse the purchase of a business. The Merchant Report also draws upon the market demand for businesses of a particular industry or sub-sector. Whilst some variables remain constants in the algorithm, there are many that are highly dependent on critical market intelligence that The Merchant Report regularly updates on its database.

How many times can I create a report and how much does it cost?

You may create a report whenever you wish. The retail price for each report is A$220 including GST. If you have a corporate gift voucher you can redeem it online. Otherwise you are welcome to pay either by Visa or Mastercard. If you have a coupon don’t forget to claim your discount. Whenever you create a report you have up to 30 days to amend the inputs. 

Does The Merchant Report require me to input all my financial statements in one sitting?

No. You can save your data, and return to complete the inputs another time at your convenience. The Merchant Report is also tablet friendly. 

Does The Merchant Report offer private consulting and coaching to Australian business owners?

Yes. Our team can assist you from simply helping you create your report, to developing a business action plan for growth, or preparation for sale. To enquire, simply email us at and one of our consultants will contact you within 24 hours. 

How is information I input kept secure and confidential?

The Merchant Report practices quality data management. In terms of your privacy, all we require from you is an email address to send the report to. This becomes your username. Your personal name, business trading name and address can remain anonymous. For further information please refer to our Privacy Policy.