About Us

The Merchant Report is the brainchild of Simon Merchant, one of Australia's leading business brokers and advisors with over twenty-five years experience. Simon is a member of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers and Australia China Business Council. Simon's success can be directly attributed to his core professional values - integrity, trust and transparency. Simon leads a team of talented analysts, ensuring your business' market value remains current, and that you have access to the most relevant information to keep your business growing. 

Dr Fei Guo supports Simon as Co-Director of The Merchant Report. Fei is a demographer with more than 15 years experience in demographic research. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Hawaii in 1996 and since then has held academic positions in a number of universities in Australia. Fei provides The Merchant Report with an intimate understanding of demographic trends across Australia, influencing the performance of your business.

Simon Merchant, Director & CEO
Dr Fei Guo, Director