"Users are not required to disclose their name, the business’ trading name or address."
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"Before payment you can trial the report"

The Report

The Merchant Report offers Australian business owners a unique opportunity to appraise the current market value of their businesses, together with the identification of those strengths and weaknesses which influence its marketability. The Merchant Report is used by business owners to serve two purposes: 


Knowing the current market value of your business allows you to plan for the future; investing for growth in sales and profitability. The Merchant Report helps you identify your business’ strengths and weaknesses, for you to prepare and implement your Action Plan.

Preparing for sale

Prior to The Merchant Report, when you required an appraisal of the current market value of your business, you had to arrange a '‘face to face'’ appointment with either your accountant, business valuer or broker. Now, using proven valuation methodology and current market intelligence from across Australia, you can access the current market value of your business from our ‘user friendly’ website, confidentially, and in your own time.

To complete The Merchant Report, navigate your way, with online support, through a series of input screens asking a number of questions about your business.

Some questions are general in nature, such as what industry does your business operate in? Others are financial. You can elect to input between 1 and 3 years’ financial accounts from the Profit and Loss Statements prepared by your accountant. If available, we recommend you input as many financial years as available, to gain maximum benefit from your report.

Multiple financial years allow The Merchant Report to measure and chart positive, negative and flat trends in your business, which can influence its value and marketability. If you can’t complete all the inputs at once, just save your work and return again at your convenience.

The Merchant Report appraises businesses as leasehold going concerns, which means it does not value real estate. If you own your premises, all you need is a general understanding of its ‘market rent’.

All your data is secure. You are not required to disclose your name, your business’' trading name or address. Your identity within The Merchant Report is limited to a username (email) and password.

Before payment you can trial the report, receiving an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses affecting the marketability of your business. If you are then ready to learn the current market value of your business then just continue on to our secure payment gateway. 

Immediately upon confirmation of payment, your report will be amended to include what every business owner wants to know, the current market value of their business. 

You will be able to keep adjusting the inputs of your report for up to 30 days after payment, and have access to your report for up to 12 months later.

To help you create your report, we recommend you download a copy of our User Guide.

Getting started

To get started with the Merchant Report, you'll need to create an account with us - you don't need to give us your name or your company's name, just an email address where we can send the report.

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